Sofia thinks different! Sofia knows math. Sofia knows men. Or does she?

SEASON 1 of SOFIA de Venecia, 4-Part Mini Series!

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First, a VIDEO from the 46-minute Episode 1!

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  A portion of your purchase will go to help support the battered women’s shelter in Medellin.



Episode 1: Big Money Is Coming To Town. Sofia fights back!

episode-3Forced by para-militaries to flee, Sofia confronts her rich sister, bounces from her ex-, Thomas, to Comuna 13 above the city to intervene for Anna. Back in Venecia, it’s again life or death for Sofia! Runtime 46 minutes.

Starring: Elena Rojas, Maritza Garcia, Frank Cuervo, Juan Juran, Christina Velez



Episode 2: Sofia’s Death Drop

episode-2Sr. Hernandez goes to Medellin to “buy” another wife. Meanwhile, Carmen sends Thomas to the states on assignment. Rejected, Hernandez returns to Venecia, where he trails Rosario home and breaks in. Next day, he spots Sofia and chases her, determined to kill. Only a Death Drop by Sofia can save her.

Runtime: 45 minutes


Episode 3, The Orchid Caper

episode-1Sofia’s classroom is back in session in Venecia. Carmen has a marketing photo shoot, then visits Jardin with Edwardo to purchases orchids from an nursury in Jardin. Ricardo, her minion, arranges the transport, but the shipment is hijacked at a truck stop in Andes. Whose side is Ricardo on? Then a thief hijacks Ricardo’s stolen truck. Is all lost? Runtime: 41 minutes.



Episode 4: I Want My Flowers!

episode-4Carmen is furious that her truckload of orchids has been stolen. She goes to Andes with Elisa to investigate and agrees to go with Juan to the mountains. Elisa fends off furious attacks from a farmer before they drive down to the river, following a lead. Next day, they continue on horses, up and up into the mountains, following lead after lead seeking answers, until…?

Runtime 45 minutes.




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